A few dispatched pretties

A note written by Rose Henderson on

The last fortnight has been a busy one with one thing or another, but somehow I have managed to get a few orders out the door (or made and waiting to be delivered!)

Firstly I made two circle Name Banners in pink for two newborn baby girls:

pink circles Name Banner

These were made for friends of mine, they said they were looking for a Name Banner for a girl and the first words out of my mouth were "please don’t say pink hearts…"

circle Name Banner pink abbie

So they opted for pink circles instead! I really like these (although if I had a girl I would opt for the pink hearts too). I still think these are a fantastic newborn/christening gift for babies, these were £14 each and are unique and hopefully not too babyish.

Of course, another friend of mine placed an order for the pink hearts.

pink hearts Name Banner isla

Up next is the boy stuff, I do get orders for boys — honest!  These are for the lovely Angela over at Gala Cottage. You should check out her site, the things she makes are unique, my personal favourite is the Saltire cushion and I am trying to figure out what room in my house that is going to work in (re-decoration may be in order…)

blue Name Banner alistair

blue star Name Banner gregor

star Name Banner moray

All in blue, red and white and all lovely!

I do have a few other bits and pieces that were dispatched, but I will save them for another post. I need to get cracking on a post about a new product I made about three months ago and only just remembered I hadn’t posted about it.

I opened my lovely package from Fabric Rehab as well, I am in love with the beautiful fabric I have been sent. Need inspiration on what to make it into though, although I have a tiny idea right at the back of my mind just waiting to grow…