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Finally a heart Name Banner not in pink…

A note written by Rose Henderson on

…and it was for my brand new niece too!

I have been desperate to show you all this for a couple of weeks, but we have only just managed to go and meet our brand new niece today due to our over-abundance of germs in our house!

Red Heart Name Banner (Libby)

This one did take few attempts — firstly I know that my sister in law is not an overly fussy girlie type of person and pink isn’t exactly in her top 10 of favourite colours. Plus, I know that she will be sharing with her big brother who already has a blue and red Star Banner, and a bedroom with lots of bright colours. I did attempt it in different colours all with a pink background but it looked far too fussy, I attempted it with a little blue to match the stars but it just wasn’t girlie at all — so eventually I settled on the red.

I’m quite pleased with it — not too fussy or girlie but definitely for a little girl.