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Red and Rosy

Discover my handmade, unique, bespoke creations. Lovingly crafted with felt, fabric & yarn. They make amazing gifts for all ages. See what we have that can make you the best gift giver of all time!

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  1. Shops, hugs & lockdown
  2. Busy start to the year
  3. Hello 2019
  4. Home is where the heart is…Scotland
  5. National Unicorn Day
  6. Dropping the F-Bomb!
  7. Welcome Back
  8. Hulk Tooth Pillow Tutorial
  9. Crochet BMO Scarf Tutorial (Adventure Time)
  10. Back in the Saddle
  11. An Update on our Adventure
  12. The End of a Chapter
  13. Teeny tiny sewing machine
  14. Bunting Tutorial
  15. Rule, Britannia!
  16. New baby gift
  17. Heart Hair Clip Tutorial
  18. The Red and Rosy giveaway! (Closed)
  19. Welcome to my NEW Website!
  20. Tooth Pillows
  21. Name Banners
  22. Felt Box Frames
  23. A week in orders — week 1
  24. Wow — it’s been a while!
  25. A hedgehog Felt Box Frame
  26. A Felt Box Frame — for a boy!
  27. Lovebirds
  28. Big changes ahead!
  29. A couple of Rainbow Name Banners
  30. Countryside Felt Box Frame
  31. My brand new Kindle cozy
  32. A Summer Inspired Name Banner
  33. Personalised Felt Box Frame
  34. A little catch up…
  35. Angry Birds
  36. Jack Draws Anything
  37. Find us on Twitter
  38. Strawberry Name Banner
  39. Personalised Felt Box Frame
  40. Felt Box Frame — Mounted
  41. Flutter–by…
  42. Love is in the hair
  43. Rose goes blah, blah, blah
  44. Raawwwrrr!
  45. Ahoy there…
  46. What to put in a Dinosaur Party Bag…
  47. A few more Cupcake Name Banners
  48. Pretty Flower Hair Clasp Holder
  49. A few more Star Banners
  50. Where to pop that tooth…
  51. One of my first big makes…
  52. Remember I promised a Dalek?
  53. A bespoke order
  54. New take on the Crayon Wrap
  55. Where I create…
  56. Finally a heart Name Banner not in pink…
  57. Why I sew
  58. It started when an alien device did what it did…
  59. The little denim pinny
  60. A few dispatched pretties
  61. Hair Clasp Holders — Strawberry
  62. Hair Clasp Holders — The Originals
  63. Back to School Hair Clasps
  64. Shout out to my Web Guy
  65. Overview of Name Banners
  66. New product — Birthday Badges
  67. Welcome to Red and Rosy