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A Summer Inspired Name Banner

A note written by Rose Henderson on

Erm, apologies again everyone for the very long break in blogging! Life takes over sometimes.

I have something very exciting to share though — I have had this buzzing about my head for a while now but never had the time to make it until we heard this weekend that one of my husband’s friends had a baby girl. Perfect opportunity to give this a try (fingers crossed they like it!)>

Orla Summer Name Banner bee felt ladybird leafs butterflies birds

I like it, but then again I have this problem where I only have boys, so I am never sure if people want EVERYTHING pink, or even like pink. Or maybe they love pink. I don’t know, I always struggle with ideas for girls that aren’t entirely candyfloss pink.

Anyway — close up’s of each individual letter starting off with the birds.

felt Name Banner lilac birds

Then going onto the ladybirds.

white felt Name Banner ladybirds leafs r

My son’s favourite, the bee’s.

felt Name Banner green bee’s L

And finally, the butterflies.

felt Name Banner butterflies A

These can be made in a variety or styles and colours, each of the individual letters are 4½ inches tall, and the length of the banner depends on the number of letters used and the types of letters – some letters are wider than others.

These are priced at £16 for up to three letters. Each additional letter added after that will be £2.50 each due to the level of detail required.

Hope you like them, more importantly hope the recipient likes them!