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Red and Rosy

Getting crafty in California

Countryside Felt Box Frame

A note written by Rose Henderson on

I received this order a few weeks ago for a personalised Felt Box Frame — I thought it would be easy but I found it really difficult to make it similar, but totally different to the original frame I made!

3d Felt Box Frame side view chloe

For this one I wanted to put slightly less "things" in the picture, but a bit more detail. Like with the hedgehog that my little boy, Jack, insisted the picture needed…

3d art Felt Box Frame chloe hedgehog

…and the teeny tiny toadstool that perhaps a fairy lives in…

3d Felt Box Frame art toadstool fairy house

…and of course, every countryside scene needs some sheep, especially a black one…

Felt Box Frame 3D art sheep

…with a lovely apple tree for them to shelter under, should they ever come that far down the hill…

felt 3D box frame apple tree butterfly

…but of course the most important part of a personalised Felt Box Frame is the personalised part — this time held up by two pink birdies underneath the big fluffy cloud.

3d Felt Box Frame chloe birds

I really hope that Chloe and her parents like the frame.

Chloe Felt Box Frame 3D art

Everything is hand cut by me and hand stitched by me, I would love to say the design is exclusively mine but my little boy Jack Draws Anything does like to help out with placement!

Prices for these start at £20 (this one would cost £35) depending on the size of the picture and the level of detail required. If you are interested in this, please email me on rose@redandrosy.com .