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Red and Rosy

Getting crafty in California

A few dispatched pretties

A note written by Rose Henderson on

The last fortnight has been a busy one with one thing or another, but somehow I have managed to get a few orders out the door (or made and waiting to be delivered!)

Firstly I made two circle Name Banners in pink for two newborn baby girls:

Pink Circles Name Banner

These were made for friends of mine, they said they were looking for a Name Banner for a girl and the first words out of my mouth were "please don’t say pink hearts…"

Circle Pink Name Banner - abbie

So they opted for pink circles instead! I really like these (although if I had a girl I would opt for the pink hearts too). I still think these are a fantastic newborn/christening gift for babies, these were £14 each and are unique and hopefully not too babyish.

Of course, another friend of mine placed an order for the pink hearts.

Pink Hearts Name Banner - Isla

Up next is the boy stuff, I do get orders for boys — honest!  These are for the lovely Angela over at Gala Cottage. You should check out her site, the things she makes are unique, my personal favourite is the Saltire cushion and I am trying to figure out what room in my house that is going to work in (re-decoration may be in order…)

Blue Name Banner - Alistair

Blue Star Name Banner - Gregor

Star Name Banner - Moray

All in blue, red and white and all lovely!

I do have a few other bits and pieces that were dispatched, but I will save them for another post. I need to get cracking on a post about a new product I made about three months ago and only just remembered I hadn’t posted about it.

I opened my lovely package from Fabric Rehab as well, I am in love with the beautiful fabric I have been sent. Need inspiration on what to make it into though, although I have a tiny idea right at the back of my mind just waiting to grow…