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Discover my handmade, unique, bespoke creations. Lovingly crafted with felt, fabric & yarn. They make amazing gifts for all ages. See what we have that can make you the best gift giver of all time!

A few more Star Banners

A note written by Rose Henderson on

dark and light blue star Name Banner with matching Birthday BadgeI’ve had a few pictures of Name Banners sitting waiting to be published on the website, and I had totally forgotten about them! First of all, something a little different with two different shades of blue (and a matching Birthday Badge)

red and black star Name Banner

Then a red and black one, which turned out much better than I expected (I really love the colours!)

pink and purple Name Banner

Then a more girlie one, with pinks and purples.

red and blue Name Banner star

And of course, the classic Name Banner in red and blue.

Red & Blue THOMAS Name Banner

Name Banners are priced £12 for up to four letters, and £2 for each letter after that. They are proving to be popular Christmas Gifts, and currently the order turnaround is two weeks so if you would like to order one for Christmas please drop me an email on rose@redandrosy.com