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Where to pop that tooth…

A note written by Rose Henderson on

…so that the Tooth Fairy knows where to find it.

I have stopped making my Tooth Fairies / Tooth Officers at the moment as they were very labour intensive and took ages to make, and I couldn’t really charge too much for them. So this time I have made something much more simple, and my children prefer them!

So, let me introduce to you Twinkle Twinkle (named by my middle son) who has a pocket on the back to pop a tooth / coin in…

Twinkle Twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle

…and pinky heart (named by my eldest son) who is most definitely a more girlie version!

Pink Heart

Pink Heart

These are eight inches x eight inches at their widest points, and both cost £4 each, and an additional £1 if you would like a name embroidered on the back pocket.

Hope you all like them, my boys certainly do and take their stars to bed every night.