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An Update on our Adventure

A note written by Rose Henderson on

Well, it’s once again been a while hasn’t it? Apologies again, although I can genuinely hand on heart say that it has been one of the busiest times of our life!

So, what’s happened since August 5th?

Firstly and most importantly our Visa documentation was approved! On Wednesday Ed and I flew to Belfast for our face to face interview, which went well. On Saturday morning our passports arrived with our shiny USA visa’s safely attached inside — hooray!

Secondly, our house sale concluded (after sixteen months and four buyers) and on Monday just past we moved out of our home of five years and into a caravan, our temporary accommodation. I’m not going to lie to you, it’s a challenge. It’s a lovely static caravan and is perfect for a holiday, but going from our old (and in my opinion very spacious) home into a two bed caravan has been, well, interesting. But it’s short term.

We are now on the sad part of our adventure — we leave two weeks today and our days are filled with last visits to places and goodbyes. Leaving drinks are being organised, the boys are having a leaving party next week with a handful of their closest friends and close family goodbyes have almost all been arranged.

I will be updating the Blog more frequently now as we are finding our days less full as we get more organised. If you want to follow our new adventure remember to follow me on Twitter (@redandrosyhq) or on Instagram (@redandrosy) which is updated far more frequently than the Blog. To be honest, Instagram is updated many, many times a day!

Thanks so much for reading.

Rose ×××