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A note written by Rose Henderson on

This is one of those posts I should have done in January. Around the 1st / 2nd to be honest. And it’s now July 20th. Just to explain…

Christmas day 2010, my oldest cousin (Ryan) proposed to his girlfriend (Clare). When they shared their good news, I decided I wanted to make them a little pair of Lovebirds. Nothing too complex, complicated or difficult — just a Lovebird each with their name on. And I did. It took no time at all. Then I popped them in the cupboard until I had the chance to pop out and get an engagement card.

In March, I finally purchased one! I wrapped up the Lovebirds, wrote the card and got ready to post them. I even popped them somewhere safe so I wouldn’t forget. And then — I forgot!

In May, while writing my middle cousin’s birthday card, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t sent the gift, or an Owl Cozy that their younger sister had ordered in, February. So I packaged them up, popped a note to my Aunt in, and put them BACK in the safe place.

I am pretty sure it was the end of June that everyone finally got the package (and severely out of date note!). Ummmm, sorry?

Of course, that was the end of June. This is the 20th July, and while taking some photographs off the camera I discovered the photographs taken in March…

My one and only line of defence is that the package was ready to post on 21st March — that was the day that our house originally went on the market and that Jack’s website was launched. It has sort of been manic since then and during that time we have been in the local, regional and national press, on BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24, BBC Scotland, Russell Howard, Fern, The Hour, STV News, Real Radio, signed a book deal for Hodder’s youngest ever author and wrote the content, been to London, been on holiday, gone through the school term, have Toby start nursery, Noah start playgroup, sold our house, purchased another, have our buyer pull out, pull out of new house, had Noah in hospital…I know I’ve missed stuff but you get the drift, the last few months have in no way been normal!

So — six months late but Congratulations to Ryan and Clare! I am hoping I have a better chance of getting a wedding gift to you in time but please, don’t hold your breath!

Ryan and Clare - Lovebirds (white, pink and blue)