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A note written by Rose Henderson on

I do love my Name Banners and really enjoy putting them together, but it does get a little disheartening when you see so many other people doing the exact same thing, so over the Christmas break I spent a little time doing some research, having a look online and asking friends, my kids, random people who make enquiries exactly what is missing. no–one really came up with anything that isn’t already out there in some form, and then I remembered when I was pregnant with my eldest son I had a real bee in my bonnet about the type of bedroom he was going to have. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get anything that had his name on it that went with my theme — it wasn’t that his name is unusual (it’s Jack for goodness sake, the most popular boys name going!) it was that there just wasn’t much about then.

That was six years ago, and having a look around there still isn’t that much around. And now my middle son, Toby, is daft for Dinosaurs. Which is great, but some dinosaur products can verge slightly on scary.

It’s his 3rd birthday this week and he wants dinosaurs. That’s all, nothing else, just dinosaurs. On Friday we were in the playground and he spotted one of the Mum’s with a dinosaur gift bag hanging on her pram, he went on and on about that bag all the way from school to Jo Jingles — he wondered what was in that bag, wasn’t it a pretty dinosaur bag, could he maybe have a dinosaur bag…  he was over the moon when we got to Jo Jingles and he discovered that the bag was, in fact, for him. He did the entire class with the bag at his side, and carried that bag everywhere yesterday — which was why I designed my new Name Banner just for him.

It couldn’t be scary, had to be cute and had to have his name. And this is what I came up with:

Dinosaur Felt Name Banner

I can hand on heart say I haven’t found anything else even similar to this online, and I have done my research! This, and the other ones I will be uploading the next few days, are designed exclusively by me. I may not be able to do anything about people mimicking my star / circle / cupcake / heart Name Banners but this one is totally, 100% me!

I also have a matching Birthday Badge, why not pop over to my Facebook page and check it out and in the meantime, I’m off to get more prep done for my little dinosaur’s birthday party — I’ll be sharing pictures of the hand made party bag contents later in the week along with a few more new products!