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Discover my handmade, unique, bespoke creations. Lovingly crafted with felt, fabric & yarn. They make amazing gifts for all ages. See what we have that can make you the best gift giver of all time!

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A couple of Rainbow Name Banners

A note written by Rose Henderson on

Rainbow Star Felt Name Banner

I had an order for a couple of Rainbow Felt Star Name Banners last week. I am always glad when the order is for five letters — working out the logistics for more or less letters for some reason completely confuses me!

I had to take these pictures differently too — I usually take the pictures on the railway sleepers in the garden. That way I get plenty of natural light, no faffing with shadows and the background is consistently the same. I really don’t like taking them this way — it’s not easy to read the writing and I don’t like the white background, I prefer the wood.

However, I am loving the banners. These are really popular at the moment, I’m working on another one just now.

Rainbow Star Felt Name Banner - Alfie

Countryside Felt Box Frame

A note written by Rose Henderson on

I received this order a few weeks ago for a personalised Felt Box Frame — I thought it would be easy but I found it really difficult to make it similar, but totally different to the original frame I made!

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - side view

For this one I wanted to put slightly less "things" in the picture, but a bit more detail. Like with the hedgehog that my little boy, Jack, insisted the picture needed…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - hedgehog

…and the teeny tiny toadstool that perhaps a fairy lives in…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - toadstool fairy house

…and of course, every countryside scene needs some sheep, especially a black one…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - sheep

…with a lovely apple tree for them to shelter under, should they ever come that far down the hill…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - apple, tree & butterfly

…but of course the most important part of a personalised Felt Box Frame is the personalised part — this time held up by two pink birdies underneath the big fluffy cloud.

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - birds

I really hope that Chloé and her parents like the frame.

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé

Everything is hand cut by me and hand stitched by me, I would love to say the design is exclusively mine but my little boy Jack Draws Anything does like to help out with placement!

Prices for these start at £20 (this one would cost £35) depending on the size of the picture and the level of detail required. If you are interested in this, please email me on rose@redandrosy.com .

My brand new Kindle cozy

A note written by Rose Henderson on

The title sort of gives it away (booo!) BUT can you guess what this little fellow is keeping nice and cozy for me…

Owl felt kindle cozy

It’s a bit too big for an iPhone and a bit too small for a iPad — but it’s a perfect fit for my Kindle!

felt kindle cozy owl

He’s so cute! The kindle case is lined with cashmere felt and while it’s not a hard protective case, it keeps my kindle nice and dust free on my nightstand — lets face it I have three children I don’t get to read any other place but my bed!

If you would like me to make you one of these, pop me an email to rose@redandrosy.com . Prices start at £10 for an owl cozy, but I’m open to suggestions for other ideas.

A Summer Inspired Name Banner

A note written by Rose Henderson on

Erm, apologies again everyone for the very long break in blogging! Life takes over sometimes.

I have something very exciting to share though — I have had this buzzing about my head for a while now but never had the time to make it until we heard this weekend that one of my husband’s friends had a baby girl. Perfect opportunity to give this a try (fingers crossed they like it!)>

Orla Summer Name Banner bee felt ladybird leafs butterflies birds

I like it, but then again I have this problem where I only have boys, so I am never sure if people want EVERYTHING pink, or even like pink. Or maybe they love pink. I don’t know, I always struggle with ideas for girls that aren’t entirely candyfloss pink.

Anyway — close up’s of each individual letter starting off with the birds.

felt Name Banner lilac birds

Then going onto the ladybirds.

white felt Name Banner ladybirds leafs r

My son’s favourite, the bee’s.

felt Name Banner green bee’s L

And finally, the butterflies.

felt Name Banner butterflies A

These can be made in a variety or styles and colours, each of the individual letters are 4½ inches tall, and the length of the banner depends on the number of letters used and the types of letters – some letters are wider than others.

These are priced at £16 for up to three letters. Each additional letter added after that will be £2.50 each due to the level of detail required.

Hope you like them, more importantly hope the recipient likes them!

Personalised Felt Box Frame

A note written by Rose Henderson on

The brief for this was for the Felt Box Frame with a toadstool, but personalised with the name Sophia.

After a lot of faffing, I finally came up with this –

Felt Box Frame Art Sophia Personalised Toadstool Butterfly

I really like the simplicity of it, I have three more orders to come soon, very exciting ones too.

P.S. when I say simplicity, I mean it looks simple. It took ages!