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Discover my handmade, unique, bespoke creations. Lovingly crafted with felt, fabric & yarn. They make amazing gifts for all ages. See what we have that can make you the best gift giver of all time!

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A note written by Rose Henderson on

This is one of those posts I should have done in January. Around the 1st / 2nd to be honest. And it’s now July 20th. Just to explain…

Christmas day 2010, my oldest cousin (Ryan) proposed to his girlfriend (Clare). When they shared their good news, I decided I wanted to make them a little pair of Lovebirds. Nothing too complex, complicated or difficult — just a Lovebird each with their name on. And I did. It took no time at all. Then I popped them in the cupboard until I had the chance to pop out and get an engagement card.

In March, I finally purchased one! I wrapped up the Lovebirds, wrote the card and got ready to post them. I even popped them somewhere safe so I wouldn’t forget. And then — I forgot!

In May, while writing my middle cousin’s birthday card, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t sent the gift, or an Owl Cozy that their younger sister had ordered in, February. So I packaged them up, popped a note to my Aunt in, and put them BACK in the safe place.

I am pretty sure it was the end of June that everyone finally got the package (and severely out of date note!). Ummmm, sorry?

Of course, that was the end of June. This is the 20th July, and while taking some photographs off the camera I discovered the photographs taken in March…

My one and only line of defence is that the package was ready to post on 21st March — that was the day that our house originally went on the market and that Jack’s website was launched. It has sort of been manic since then and during that time we have been in the local, regional and national press, on BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24, BBC Scotland, Russell Howard, Fern, The Hour, STV News, Real Radio, signed a book deal for Hodder’s youngest ever author and wrote the content, been to London, been on holiday, gone through the school term, have Toby start nursery, Noah start playgroup, sold our house, purchased another, have our buyer pull out, pull out of new house, had Noah in hospital…I know I’ve missed stuff but you get the drift, the last few months have in no way been normal!

So — six months late but Congratulations to Ryan and Clare! I am hoping I have a better chance of getting a wedding gift to you in time but please, don’t hold your breath!

Ryan and Clare - Lovebirds (white, pink and blue)

Big changes ahead!

A note written by Rose Henderson on

Over the next few weeks you should be seeing a few changes to Red and Rosy. Firstly, the website which is frequently overlooked is getting a bit of an overhaul. The colours are exactly what I want, but for a while my web developer and I have been trying to figure out exactly what functionality the site needs. It’s now a whole year since Red and Rosy launched and I think that finally I know what exactly I want from my website — so there will be quite a few changes which in turn will hopefully help me to Blog a bit more — after all if you look at my About Me page what I say I want my site to be about and what it actually does are two entirely different things!

Secondly, I’m going to be giving Folksy a go as well. I have heard lots of positive and negative things about it, but until I give it a go myself then I can’t really say that I am doing all I can to build my little business if I haven’t given the one very obvious place for selling craft items in the UK a go.

Third — I am branching out a bit. I adore my Felt Box Frames and right now I feel that the best way to go is to try and get these into shops. I need to get my brave hat on as I’m not very confident in selling myself to be honest but I do believe that my Felt Box Frames are lovely and I do think that if I had them out there to a wider audience then they would hopefully sell a little better.

Forth and finally — I finally have a 10 year career plan! I’m 34 and never in my life have I even had a one year plan, I fell into office work and worked my way to the top of what I could possibly be (P.A. to Managing Director of a fairly massive company) and to be perfectly honest, it made me miserable and I lived for weekends and holidays. I can hand on heart say now that I have finally found something I want to continue to do for years to come, and while it may not look like much to many people it is a huge step for me. So, hoorah to finally deciding what I want to be when I grow up!

And on a personal level (as if career wasn’t personal enough) things are at best manic, at worst complete and utter chaos at the moment. Our house was on the market, we had a buyer, purchased a new place near the boys school, then on the last day of term our buyer pulled out. It’s taken us two weeks but we have now got back on the horse and the house is going back on the market again next week. Things were clearly not meant to be for us at that point in time, but the right buyer will come along eventually and at that point, the right house will be available for us to buy. I have great faith in the universe working that way. I also have great faith in karma biting the backsides of the not so nice people but that’s an entirely different story!

Things with Jack’s charity fundraising (Jack Draws Anything) have quietened down at the moment, his fan numbers on Facebook are steadily climbing, he is still loving drawing and we are doing all we can to encourage yet not force it on him, and today we approved the first draft of his book. This Friday it will all be finished and what will be the calm before the storm will commence, a couple of months of being nice and normal again before the book launch on October 6th!

But, on with the photographs! I haven’t photographed very many of my makes over the past four weeks as I am a drip and keep forgetting, but I did manage a photo of a couple of Name Banners:

Blue red star felt Name Banner - Max

blue star felt Name Banner - Koby

felt star Rainbow Name Banner - Logan

Felt Hearts Zara Name Banner

red stars hearts Name Banner - Ocean

Butterfly pink Name Banner - Lola

I have made other things, honest!

If you are looking to get hold of me, have a question to ask, would like to place an order — even if you just want to say hi please feel free to get in touch on rose@redandrosy.com . And remember to keep your eyes peeled for all those lovely changes I have in store…

A couple of Rainbow Name Banners

A note written by Rose Henderson on

Rainbow Star Felt Name Banner

I had an order for a couple of Rainbow Felt Star Name Banners last week. I am always glad when the order is for five letters — working out the logistics for more or less letters for some reason completely confuses me!

I had to take these pictures differently too — I usually take the pictures on the railway sleepers in the garden. That way I get plenty of natural light, no faffing with shadows and the background is consistently the same. I really don’t like taking them this way — it’s not easy to read the writing and I don’t like the white background, I prefer the wood.

However, I am loving the banners. These are really popular at the moment, I’m working on another one just now.

Rainbow Star Felt Name Banner - Alfie

Countryside Felt Box Frame

A note written by Rose Henderson on

I received this order a few weeks ago for a personalised Felt Box Frame — I thought it would be easy but I found it really difficult to make it similar, but totally different to the original frame I made!

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - side view

For this one I wanted to put slightly less "things" in the picture, but a bit more detail. Like with the hedgehog that my little boy, Jack, insisted the picture needed…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - hedgehog

…and the teeny tiny toadstool that perhaps a fairy lives in…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - toadstool fairy house

…and of course, every countryside scene needs some sheep, especially a black one…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - sheep

…with a lovely apple tree for them to shelter under, should they ever come that far down the hill…

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - apple, tree & butterfly

…but of course the most important part of a personalised Felt Box Frame is the personalised part — this time held up by two pink birdies underneath the big fluffy cloud.

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé - birds

I really hope that Chloé and her parents like the frame.

3D Felt Box Frame - Chloé

Everything is hand cut by me and hand stitched by me, I would love to say the design is exclusively mine but my little boy Jack Draws Anything does like to help out with placement!

Prices for these start at £20 (this one would cost £35) depending on the size of the picture and the level of detail required. If you are interested in this, please email me on rose@redandrosy.com .

My brand new Kindle cozy

A note written by Rose Henderson on

The title sort of gives it away (booo!) BUT can you guess what this little fellow is keeping nice and cozy for me…

Owl felt kindle cozy

It’s a bit too big for an iPhone and a bit too small for a iPad — but it’s a perfect fit for my Kindle!

felt kindle cozy owl

He’s so cute! The kindle case is lined with cashmere felt and while it’s not a hard protective case, it keeps my kindle nice and dust free on my nightstand — lets face it I have three children I don’t get to read any other place but my bed!

If you would like me to make you one of these, pop me an email to rose@redandrosy.com . Prices start at £10 for an owl cozy, but I’m open to suggestions for other ideas.